What Is the Best Bait to Use to Trap a Squirrel?

There are many people out there who have had it was squirrels getting into their home or ruining their garden that they have decided to trap the animal. They don’t want the squirrel harm. They are humane people who want to protect all life, but they are tired of this cause nuisance animal. They simply want to trap the animal and move it to someplace else.

So, they go out and purchase an outstanding cage. They are assured that this is the right kind of trap to capture a squirrel so we can’t get out. The cage is small enough to be easy to move. Now all they have to do is get the right bait to lure the squirrel into the trap. So, what is the best bait to use?

There are a number of great options out there. Consider that a squirrel is a foraging animal. It goes out to find food that is not only good for it, but that can last a while. These are animals that store food for the long winter, so they want something that isn’t going to spoil.

Seeds and Nuts
The most common food for a squirrel to search for are nuts and seeds. These are the kinds of foods that a squirrel enjoys eating, but which also last for quite a while. Acorns, as an example, will easily last as long as 10 or 11 months, the perfect thing to bury.

These kinds of things make for the perfect bait. You could put a few just outside the cage so that the squirrel knows that there is something good around. Then, place a large quantity inside. The squirrel is going to think that it filed its gold mine. A large cache of nuts and seeds available to it, only to be suckered in and trapped.

The three best types of nuts to place inside our walnuts, peanuts, and acorns. Don’t remove them from the shell. Also, don’t buy any types that have been seasoned in any way. The squirrels like him completely natural.

A Sweet for a Squirrel?
One other item you may want to consider is using some form of suite, such as a fruit, berry, or small piece of pastry. While squirrels don’t eat a lot of these things, they have a sweet tooth too. You want to make sure that the fruit or pastry you use has a good odor to it. Squirrels have a strong sense of smell, and they are attracted to things that smell sweet.

A small handful of berries, pieces of orange, or even a cheese Danish could attract the squirrel. It has been known to be quite successful.

Once you have captured the animal, now you are ready to relocate. Make sure you take the proper steps to protect yourself before doing so. These animals are the carriers of a number of diseases that pose a risk to you. You don’t want to get sick or injured from a squirrel, especially when all you were doing was trying to give it a chance at a better life somewhere else.

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