What Equipment Is Needed to Trap a Squirrel?

If you have a pesky squirrel that has gotten into your house or into your shed, you are likely looking for ways to trap it to get it out. These are quick little animals that are adorable, but they also pose a fairly serious health risk to you and your family. Not only can you be scratched or bitten by this animal, but they are also the carriers of a number of diseases. Any one of which could pose a serious health risk to you, maybe even fatal.

You want to make sure that you act quickly to capture and remove this animal, but don’t know really where to begin. Here is what you need to trap a squirrel.

Before moving forward, the location of the squirrel is important in terms of what you will use to trap the animal. If the squirrels in your attic, then you don’t need a traditional trap. All you are looking for is something to get the animal out of your attic. This is where an exclusion funnel is the perfect option.

You begin by doing a search on the outside of your home, looking for cracked boards, loose boards, gaps, or other blemishes that would allow the animal to get inside your home. Once you find that, you attach the exclusion funnel over the entryway. When the squirrel goes outside, it cannot get back in. Your problem is resolved.

In You Shed
If the squirrel is in your shed and won’t get out, then your option may be to use a traditional trap. Placing a cage outside that has bait inside will allow you to capture the squirrel and then relocated to another spot. Be careful though. The animal is likely to thrash about, so always make sure that when you handle the cage you were wearing gloves. You should also wear a long-sleeved shirt and long-sleeved pants as well.

In Your House
If you have a squirrel that has gotten into your bedroom, living room, or other part of the main part of your house, then this is a different kind of problem. You need to act quickly, as you want this animal out right away. You can’t wait for it to just leave, and chasing after it may cause it to hide in a closet where it can be really difficult to remove.

Once again, make sure you have covered all of your exposed skin, are wearing gloves and boots, and a surgical mask and goggles. You don’t want to expose and if your skin to this potentially dangerous animal.

With the help of another person, what you are looking to do is to scare the animal into some type of bag, like a pillowcase. Use something like a long stick or a shovel to lead the animal into the bag. Once you are able to capture it, just take it outside and set the bag down. Don’t try to help the animal out. It will get out on its own and your problem will be resolved.

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