What You Can Do to Keep Squirrels Out of Your House

There are many rural areas where squirrels are quite common. They are everywhere, scampering across power lines, running across tree branches and roofs, hopping across people’s lawns. They are very much a part of the neighborhood.

The problem is that sometimes the squirrels can find a way to get into your home, gaining access into a wall, the attic, the shed, or another place in your home or shed. Clearly, these are not animals you want in your house. They could create a lot of damage, and put your family’s health in jeopardy.

If you live in an area where squirrels are common, then you need to take some steps to ensure they can’t get into your house. Here is what you need to do.

A Thorough Inspection
Where you want to begin is by doing a thorough inspection around the outside of your home. Look for cracks, gaps, loose boards, or other blemishes that will allow the squirrel entry into your home. Consider the squirrel is rather small, so don’t assume that a crack that is only ½ inch across is not an option. The squirrel could dig its way through and into your home.

If you find spots like this, fix them by using a sealant that is blended with steel wool. The steel wool will make it difficult for the squirrel to dig or bite its way back in through that spot. This will make sure that the squirrel is not a problem in the future. It is also a good idea to place a piece of steel mash over the former entryway. A little extra precaution can go a long way.

Commercial Repellants
You will find that there are a number of commercial repellents that are available. These manufacturers swear that the products work, and there is some effectiveness to them. The problem is that you can’t use this repellent over your entire home. If anything, use it only in the areas where the squirrel had been gaining access before. This will give you the best chance of keeping them away.

If you look on the Internet, there are also some homemade repellents you can make. These are usually made using something like jalapeno peppers. They can be effective as well, but you will need to reapply them on a regular basis.

Predator Urine
One last option that is available to you is predator urine. You can purchase coyote or fox urine which you would apply around your home. This will scare the animal away, solely because it believes that one of these predators may be stalking it.

As a word of caution, these products can be quite pungent. Urine doesn’t smell good as it is, and you and your neighbors may not like the smell of predator urine day after day. You may only want to use this as a last resort.

You may have some challenges keeping squirrels off your property, but you can keep them out of your home. You just have to take the proper precautions.

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