Will a Mother Squirrel Have Babies in an Attic?

There is no doubt that baby squirrels are quite cute. They are so cute and helpless looking. You just have to love them. However, as cute as they are, that does not mean you want a bunch of them in the attic of your home. This could be the reality.

Shooting Down a Myth
There are some who believe that there is no way that a mother squirrel would build a nest in your attic to have her babies. For those who think this way, they could not possibly be more wrong.

Protection from Predators
Think about what a mother is looking for when she is about ready to have her offspring. She wants a safe place where it is quite unlikely that any predator would have a chance to hurt her young. Think about how perfect your attic is for that. There is no way that an owl, coyote, fox, or other similar animal is getting inside your attic. That means that the babies are safe.

Protection from the Elements
Your attic is also a great shelter against the elements. The squirrel does not have to worry about rain, heat, too much sun, wind, or any other weather conditions. It is free to have its babies and that walls of your attic keep them safe from the elements. It is absolutely ideal.

Gives the Mother Mobility
At some point, the mother is going to have to leave the nest to go out and get food to sustain her. She will eventually find food for the young as they are able to eat it. What better place is there to feel that her young will be safe than your attic? She can come and go as she needs without fear that her little ones will be gone when she returns. She knows they are not going to be able to get very far, and she also knows that there is no real threat to them. It is the perfect place.

You Are Not a Threat
While the squirrel may not be aware of this at first, it will not take her long before she realizes that you do not come into your attic very often, if at all. This is another reason why it is such an ideal location. There is almost complete privacy, so she never really has to worry about her babies being endangered. As long as she can feed them, things are fine.

Add to It the Bedding
One last factor to consider is that your attic likely has a lot of material that would be perfect for building a bed. This includes such things as insulation, old newspapers and clothes, maybe even a pillow. They are the perfect things to help her build a nest for her young.

You need to face the facts. If you don’t ensure that there is no access for a squirrel to get inside your house, then you may have an issue with a mother squirrel giving birth in your attic.

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