What to Do about Orphaned Baby Squirrels on Your Property?

No matter what animal you are talking about, no one likes to see an orphan. It is a very sad occurrence, which happens often in the animal world. Most often, this occurs because the mother has been injured or killed, or she had to save herself and some of her young by foregoing the others. It happens quite a bit.

Our Heart Goes Out to Them
When we see these orphaned animals our first inclination is to do something about it. Almost every boy or girl can tell a story of bringing home a stray kitten or bird they found. They wanted to give it a home, and nursed it back to health, feeding it every day until it was ready to go back out on its own. It’s one of the things that demonstrates our humanity.

While picking up a stray kitten or bird is a sensible idea, the same is not true of all animals. Wild animals can be quite dangerous, not only because they are unpredictable, but also because they carry a number of diseases. The reason they may be orphaned is because their mother died of something. They may have that illness. Touching them can put you in serious harm.

What to Do?
If you are in the situation, then caution must be taken. You should not try to capture or pick up the squirrels. If you are worried about their safety, there is nothing wrong with taking steps to protect them. However, you should not attempt to pick them up. Play something around them so they are safe.

Your next step is to contact your local animal control agency or wildlife preserve. These agencies are experts at what to do with wild animals. They have often helped to care for orphaned animals, then returning them back to the wild. They are experts, and you can depend upon them to do the right thing.

In some instances, they will pick up the animals for you. It may take a few hours for them to get to your home, but they will safely capture the animal or animals and take them to the shelter to care for them. Then, they take the animals to a location where they can successfully reintegrate back into the animal kingdom.

Why Can’t I Care for Them Myself?
It is important that you understand that you should not care for these animals on your own. It is understandable that you would want to help them, feed them, care for them until they are ready to return to the trees in your neighborhood. It’s a very humane thing to do.

However, this puts you and your family at risk. You need to understand that these animals are wild. Even if they are not the carriers of any diseases, their instincts are to be afraid of you. When they are cornered or fear they will lash out. Someone in your family could be seriously hurt. This is why you should seek the help of professionals.

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