What Is the Role of Wildlife Rehabilitator for Squirrels?

If you have ever captured a wild animal before, you may already know the answer to this question. However, there are many who have never been in the situation or who have not needed the service of a wildlife rehabilitator. This has left them wondering exactly what these professionals do for animals like squirrels.

Sometimes They Need a Helping Hand
There are many instances where a squirrel may be hurt, sick, or separated from its mother at a very young age. It is unable to care for itself, and would be an easy to for larger animals who would see the squirrel as a great snack.

Some feel compelled to take action in the situation, looking for someone who can help to nurse to squirrel back to health. This is one of the roles of the wildlife rehabilitator. They work with doctors and other animal medical professionals to help care for the sick or injured animal so that it can return to the wild.

Now the Second Role
While ensuring that the squirrel is healthy is important, it doesn’t make any sense to return it to the environment if it has no chance of surviving. This is one of the most important roles of the wildlife rehabilitator.

These animals need to be in a specific environment. They can’t just be dropped off in any forest. If they don’t know the area, are unfamiliar with food sources, and there are a large number of predators about, then they are doomed. That animal has no chance of surviving at all.

Wildlife rehabilitators have had special training regarding finding the right home for the squirrel. They look for the right ecosystem where there are ample places for the animal to find a place to create a shelter. They ensure that there is a good food supply and that there are not too many squirrels in this area. That poses a risk to the squirrel as well, as too many squirrels may mean that there is enough food.

They also need to ensure that there are enough squirrels in the area. A squirrel that is released into an ecosystem where it is unlikely to find a mate is not optimal either. Wildlife rehabilitators want to ensure that these animals have the greatest chance of success in all areas of their life.

A Rewarding Occupation
This is a job where they are truly making a difference in the lives of these animals. The squirrels would have virtually no chance at all if they were hurt or sick and didn’t have these professionals to care for them. Plus, because of the potential risk of catching a disease from a squirrel, they serve a valuable purpose by allowing people to bring hurt animals to their shelter without caring for them themselves. This keeps people from getting potentially sick or injured.

Knowing about the wildlife rehabilitator lets you know how heroic these people are. They are serving a valuable purpose in your community. Not only helping squirrels, but many animals within your community.

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