What You Can Do to Keep Squirrels Off Your Property

While squirrels may be cute little critters, there are many who don’t like these animals around their property. They dig up gardens, leave their waist around, and generally create a mess. Plus, they can be quite noisy jumping on and off of your roof.

The sad part is that it is not easy to get rid of squirrels. You may scare off one or two, but there are dozens more in your area. So, what do you do to keep squirrels off your property? Here are some tips for you.

The Ineffective Options
There are a number of commercial products that assure customers that they can keep animals like squirrels off your property. While the science behind it seems logical, the truth is that these chemicals are extremely ineffective. At best, they work for a very small amount of time, but they require you to virtually saturate your entire property to have any effectiveness.

Consider that squirrels can easily crawl across trees, power lines, or telephone wires. Just because you have applied a commercial repellent to your lawn doesn’t mean they still can’t come on your property. You need something that works.

Don’t Give Them a Reason to Come
The place to begin is by denying them any access to such things as food. The reason the squirrel is coming on to your land is because you’re offering it something. Maybe you have a birdfeeder or a garden. Maybe the squirrel is getting into your garbage can. If this is the case, you need to eliminate any access the squirrel has to these things.

It might mean you need to take down your birdfeeder for a time. You probably need to enclose your garden and ensure that the squirrel can’t dig its way into the garden. If you have garbage cans, securely fasten the lid on. If there is no food, you may have already won the battle.

You also want to deny it any place to live. If the squirrel is living in your shed, under a porch, or has built a nest in the trees, block these areas. Knock out the nests. Properly seal and fix any areas to your shed or porch where the squirrel is able to get into these areas.

Get a Pet
You may also want to consider getting a pet, like a big dog. These animals love to chase squirrels and other small critters, and may be all that you need to resolve your squirrel problem. Keep in mind that squirrels hunt primarily during the daytime, so if you let your dog out during the day, you will keep the squirrels away.

A few simple steps can help you with your squirrel problem. It may not completely keep the squirrels away, but it should reduce them coming onto your property. This will help you to enjoy your property a lot more because these little critters won’t be around. Then, it will truly become your dream home.

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