What Do You Do If a Squirrel Won’t Enter Your Trap?

So, you set up a trap near your garden or garbage can. A spot where squirrels have commonly been known to go. You put in the right kind of bait. You stay clear of the area. You have done everything right, and are absolutely sure that in no time that squirrel is going to be captured. The problem is the squirrel simply won’t go into the cage. You start to wonder what is it that you’re doing wrong that the squirrel won’t enter the trap?

What You May Have Done Wrong?
This is a common problem. People do everything right in terms of how they set up the trap, but they make some mistakes along the way that thwart their plans.

The most common of these mistakes is that they give the squirrel something else to eat. If you have a garden, a pet dish that is sitting outside, fruit or nut trees, or a garbage can lid that is in on tight, you are giving the squirrel other options. It is going to go to those places long before it decides to enter your trap.

Most of these are fairly easy to fix. You can securely fasten the lid on dear garbage can. You could put fencing around your guard. You could remove your pet dish. The problem is going to be trees. If you have fruit and nut trees, you are in for a challenge. Your trap may not work at all. Just being honest with you.

Now Encourage It to Enter
If you have taken all of the proper steps to limit food sources, now it is time to come up with some that will entice the squirrel into your cage. Keep in mind that squirrels are looking for food to store for the winter. They want non-perishable things. Things that will store in the ground for months.

The best source of that is some kind of not. Particularly acorns. Squirrels love acorns, and they last for months. The squirrel knows that if it buries a whole assortment of acorns around that it will have plenty of food to eat even through the longest of winters.

You should have a few acorns leading into the trap and a good stock inside the cage. The squirrel is likely to find these irresistible. It simply can’t avoid such a good stock like that, especially if it has already received a few you have set out. It knows they are good, so it will go for it.

If you use a good bait like this and eliminate any other food sources, your plan can be successful. You could easily capture that squirrel and ensure it doesn’t cause a problem around your property anymore. The key is making sure that there aren’t other food sources available. Keep in mind that if you give this animal other things to eat, it will go for. Do it right and your squirrel problem can be resolved for good.

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